2nd Place in the Curitiba 320 Years Gastronomy Contest

The event was held on March 22nd to commemorate the 320th anniversary of the City of Curitiba, and was promoted by the Secretariat of Supply (SMAB). It had the participation of eight competitors — chefs and restauranteurs from Mercado Municipal and Regional Cajuru, in addition to representatives of gastronomic fairs.

In second place was Ilza Agottani, our owner and chef at Restaurante Anarco, responsible for the dish “Polenta Curitibana”.

Ilsa Agottani receives the Tourism Personality Award of the State of Paraná

The Owner and Chef de Cuisine of Restaurante Anarco, Ilsa Agottani, received on September 30th, the title “Personality of Tourism in Paraná”, at an event held by the State Department of Tourism (SETU), in celebration of World Tourism Day .

Traditional and friendliness are essential ingredients of our house. Come and try the delights of Anarco and be part of this beautiful love story for Italian cuisine.

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