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The name Anarco originates from the socialist colony named Colônia Cecilia, formed by italians, installed in Palmeira County – State of Paraná,  considered by many scholars as the matrix of social movements in Brazil.

The name “Anarco” was inspired by the Greek term ἀναρχος – Anarkhos, meaning “without rulers”.

It is a political philosophy encompassing theories, methods and actions that defend the absence of all forms of compulsory government and of State. Generally, anarchists are against any kind of hierarchical order that is not freely accepted and, thus, advocate libertarian types of organizations based on free association. It is noteworthy that anarchy means the absence of coercion and not the absence of order.

Anarco could not start differently to what its name predicts, somewhat beyond the standards and that brings to us a spontaneous, free and progressive cuisine.

Anarco restaurant had its beginning at a meeting of friends held on Saturdays. It was an enogastronomic meeting, annexed to Empório Anarco. With a table and some chairs, and a stove, they cooked pasta and put the creativity to work. They tasted wine, champagne, and this meeting gave birth to the restaurant. Many people sought this place, so they could participate and enjoy what was going on up there. Over time, demand has risen, and there was the need to create more space and conditions that suited to a restaurant space.

Founded in 1991 by Ilsa Artusi Agottani, descended from members of the Socialist Cecilia Colony, she grew up hearing the culinary praises regarding her paternal grandmother, Crimeni Artusi, lovers manifested: “must be an Artusi”, due to the renowned gastronome and writer Pellegrino Artusi, (1820-1911) who wrote: A Ciência na Cozinha e a Arte de Comer Bem (The Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well).

Anarco Empório e Restaurante is located in the charming Mercado Municipal de Curitiba (Town Market of Curitiba), in the heart of the capital city, with the best of Italian cuisine, spices and wine. Its goers worship originality, a mixture of food, flavors and history.

Flavor and Quality

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The most traditional Italian gastronomy restaurant in the city of Curitiba, Anarco Restaurant offers a vast menu, with a traditional wine list.

Flavor and Quality

Our Specialty

Restaurante Anarco Mignon ao Funghi

Italian Cuisine



With a vast menu, Anarco Restaurant presents the bast options of pasta, fish, seafood, meat and varied desserts.

Traditional and friendliness are essential ingredients of our house. Come and try the delights of Anarco and be part of this beautiful love story for Italian cuisine.

Curitiba Units

Mercado Municipal

Av. Sete de Setembro, 1865 | Box 16

(41) 3336 – 0049


Rua Mal. José Bernardino Bormann, 600

(41) 3013 – 5379

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Tusday to Saturday from 11:00 to 16:00

Sunday from 11:00 to15:00

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